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Improvised Explosive (IED) cant be armed
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The improves explosive and plastic explosive can a lot of times not be armed. You get the "arm" function but once it finishes it never got armed and you still have the detonator unit.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

It's very hard to reproduce, it is very random.

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Cpt.Sauna created this task.Oct 4 2022, 1:06 AM

I will try and see if I can get a hold of video footage.

Some reports states that this occures for IED that has been in a player's possession for a longer time.

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Hello Cpt.Sauna and thank you for the report.
In case you run into any additional information that could help us in producing the issue on our end, please post it here.

Hello! Please see attached video.

What I did was, I crafted the improvised IED and put 2 plastic explosives in them. I had them on me and server has restarted a few times in between.

Now you see what I mean. The IED cant be armed. And when its placed on a wall it cant be shown in the vicinity. It also cant be armed even if placed on the ground.

You see me placing 1 IED on the ground and that one could be armed. So it is very random.

Hi, this clip came from another PC server.

Do you need more information?

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Resolved with 1.20 update.

sileed added a subscriber: sileed.Apr 1 2023, 3:46 PM

This still is an issue - frequently both IED and Claymore do not arm correctly