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Floating Bullet On the SKS Model
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hey guys, so this buy has been in dayz since the SKS was added really.

I am not sure exactly what causes the bug but often when you are using an SKS, suddenly a "floating bullet" will appear as part of the model above the internal magazine / chamber. It will stay there for random lengths of time really, sometimes it disappears after a while, sometimes it stays forever.

I believe this bug is somehow related to the old "stripper clips" from the Legacy DayZ game, as the position of the bullet when it is floating lies in the same position which the last round in a stripper clip would sit

(I will support that evidence with a screenshot of how the SKS looks when loading a stripper clip)

I would love to see this fixed, not a huge issue. But something that has been in the game for a very very long time

Forgive the shitty screenshots, I had to grab them from a twitch VOD.

The first 2 screenshots show how the bug looks in game
The 3rd HD screenshot you will see does NOT represent how the bug looks in game, but rather is evidence for it being related to the stripper clips in some way.


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