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Non-repeatable trigger condition is checked even when trigger has been activated
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For non-repeatable trigger the expectation is that when condition is met, OnActivation is called, trigger state is stored as activated and trigger is disabled. This is not the case for the last part. The condition is continuously checked even after activation which is not-logical and may introduce a performance hit if check interval is in sub-seconds and there are a lot of triggers in the scenario.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Create area trigger with Type: None, Activation: Any Player, Activation Type: Present, Interval: 1
  • Set following in Condition field
diag_log "Present";
  • Add following in On Activation field
hint "Activated"
  • Run game and enter the trigger area
  • See that "Activated" hint shown
  • Look into rpt log and see that "Present" keeps appearing continuously every second.

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jarni created this task.Sep 26 2022, 10:59 AM

yeah yeah yeah we know, unfortunately this cannot be fixed globally due to backward compatibility so it will be an option in either createTrigger or setTriggerActivation ...or both

jarni added a comment.Sep 26 2022, 1:11 PM

Doesn't have to be global. A tick-box in editor and a parameter for the mentioned functions would be totally fine. And a mention in documentation :). If I knew it's a known thing I wouldn't create a redundant ticket in the first place.

Maybe, tickbox -> localization -> pain

jarni added a comment.Sep 26 2022, 1:25 PM

Well, without a tickbox, the triggers created by editor will have to be manually altered in init script or by scripts in general. In that case, because trigger is already created, setTriggerActivation seems like the only place (I guess adding a whole new separate function be even more pain than localization). It should also work for already activated triggers.

PS. Never knew Eden has localizations. Never even tried to find out, even though I'm not a native English speaker.

Practically everything in Arma 3 has localization in many languages, this is why adding things to UI requires localization and it is painful process. But we have other UI tasks planned as well so I guess we can add the tickbox

jarni added a comment.Sep 26 2022, 1:37 PM

Any solution would suffice if the issue is fixed.
Thank you for a very fast response.
I see no button to close the ticket, so I guess it's up to you.

It will be closed after it is dealt with and tested