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Lights not working on helmets or reflectors
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Hello I’m reporting an issue with the multiplayer helmets. On single player sessions the base US helmets reflectors will turn on at night like a light. But they do not in multiplayer. This also applies to modded helmets with chem lights that use the same script system. Is there a fix planned for this? As pc and Xbox are experiencing this issue. We would like the helmets to work as intended in multiplayer sessions


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Windows 10
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Playing multiplayer

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As the mod author, I'd be curious to know if this is something I am doing or not.

For reference, this is also occurring on the 5th Ranger Battalion mod pack, also by me.

All glow materials work on singleplayer and on the GameMaster mode offline, but on connecting to a MP server, the material goes to the standard gray texture of the material and it stops having emissive properties.


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Can reproduce with Peertool. It feels like the emissive property of the helmet material "does not work" on connected clients.

This works as expected when ParametricMaterialInstanceComponent is disabled in the helmet entity prefab.

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Hello Mortalisares.
The problem has been fixed internally and the fix will appear in one of the upcoming updates.

This seems related to the ticket I opened T166964? Looking forward in seeing working 'cateyes' on MP servers :-)