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HUMVEE don't start drive correct
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If i get out off the HUMVEE while the engine is still running and the gear is set to 'D' or 'R', the next Time i get in the Humvee I'm unable to drive in this gear. I have to turn it on, off and on again to fix this issus.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows Version: 11 (21H2 /22000.978)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Turn on the Engine off the Humvee
  2. Set the Gear to 'D' or 'R'
  3. Step out of the Car, without turning the Car engine off.
  4. Get back into the Car.
  5. Turn it on.
  6. Try just to drive in the Gear.

Note: The other Gear will always work. (Like if you step out the Car in 'D', then Reverse will still work)

Additional Information

Dayz Version: Experimantal 1.19.155302

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AxtarMH created this task.Sep 24 2022, 2:46 PM
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i think it's odd the engine turns off when driver exits... if you exit an automatic vehicle leaving engine on and car in drive without handbrake then it should continue moving, simple as. This could be a brilliant game mechanic, such as moving cover.

It's easy enough to turn the engine off before you exit if that's what you want.

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Resolved for the 1.20 update.