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PC 1.19 Experimental - Vehicles becoming unusable
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Character gets a black screen with vehicle hud still up, almost like the character has become unconscious, vehicle speedometer says it's going about 2,000,000+ km/hr. All players need to relog to get out of screen, and vehicle is gone after.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Infected were attacking vehicle and it seemed when vehicle (Humvee) had taken a few hits it (suspension possibly) had "lifted" and then player gets screen. My friend had been trying to lure the infected away from the building I was in and took the few hits before this happened. He had to relog, but I could still see the vehicle, which looked like the front end was sitting directly on the front wheels while back end looked normal, and even though he relogged, his character was still showing as "driving" the humvee, which he wasn't because he was running around. He could run right through the vehicle because it wasn't loaded on his screen, but I could collide with it as it was still loaded and playing the engine sounds while on my screen.

Unable to interact at all with vehicle after.

Additional Information

I took screenshots so I will attach them to show the after effects.

We also drove a Sarka around earlier in the night and when I took a few turns that caused us to lose control of the vehicle, we went off in the ditch and it did the same thing then almost like when the suspension would be in motion of the vehicle landing on the ground. I didn't get screenshots then.

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Geez, I also forgot to mention the only thing I changed on the server was I increased vehicles mins and maxes in the events xml by 10 each. Not on the children, just the event itself.

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Resolved in 1.20