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Sickness too much , other
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I have good stats except my plate is damp and I have gotten sick 7 times while in tizy my characters temp is white and all good but it seems as soon as my food even hits yellow for a second I get sick, also stairs to the watchtowers in tizy are now impossible to get down without falling even when trying to slow crouch down, humvee tires spawn at helis and other locations haven’t found any on broken humvees. Plate carrier dint spawn at all on zombies not even the regular ones. Helies also don’t have any zombies found 3 helies so far not one zombie. Also the running is nice for not being able to zig zag that’s not realistic but it makes it hard to get into buildings make it feel like you are stumbling around too much.also stabbing the zombies from the back makes your screen go crazy and bug out.I’m also on Xbox series x.


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Windows 7

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Love the work y’all do any we all really love that we can get new plates makes outfits feel more unique