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Poor Optimisation
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When is Bohemia going to finally swap the poor engine that Arma 3 has, then replace it with CryEngine or something that utilizes the GPU? Because I am have serious issues on my units server due to the games poor optimization.


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Windows 10 x64
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Pro, 19044.1889
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Just play the game and find out how poorly optimized the game is.

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LouMontana closed this task as Resolved.Mon, Sep 19, 11:09 AM
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Bulls*** its not fixable.

If Bohemia is willing to part with the games source code, we will do it for them, because I have experience in code. I am a programmer on the side as a hobby.

I have made 3 programs in Python, and a copy of 1 of them.

Oh my lancer they work.

I also happen to have areas where I can get game development experience from.

Asmo added a subscriber: Asmo.EditedMon, Sep 19, 12:08 PM

xD C'mon Lou, give man a chance, 20 minutes adventure, he've made THREE programs in Python after all.

Tenshi added a subscriber: Tenshi.Mon, Sep 19, 5:44 PM

We are switching to a new engine, which is the one used for Arma Reforger.
Arma Reforger is a testbed and preview for this new engine and we take Community feedback to improve it each update.
Arma 3 will remain on the same engine in part to keep backwards compatibility. Though if you have any specific reproducible scenario, that causes you lack of performance compared to normal, please share it so we can look into it.

Ok, I have a what? 3 hour long video on an op in my Unit? That'll do it justice just fine.

You'll have to skip to the last hour of the video to begin to see this issue.

You can share it sure, but i was talking about something we can test.
General performance drops can have many causes so having a certain mission, set up, code etc. that you can share with us so we can try to reproduce it on our side, helps a lot.
A video of your FPS tanking wont give us that much information as your set up, hardware and background processes will be different from ours.

TheRoyalAu added a comment.EditedThu, Sep 22, 11:49 PM

Wilco, "Roger that, that's very interesting, keep me posted, out." -Capt Shaftoe. Arma 2, 2009.

My unit requests that you do not receive the missions code as its classified, and cannot leave the unit even as a copy.

You'll have to watch my video, you have no say nor choice unfortunately, as I cannot override my superior's.

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