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setUnitFreefallHeight dosent broadcast
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Seems like setUnitFreefallHeight doesen't broadcast. Using it on yourself other players still get the default variable 100 with getUnitFreefallInfo .


Not A Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Player1 use player setUnitFreefallHeight 200;
  2. Player2 uses (getUnitFreefallInfo player1)

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Hungry created this task.Sat, Sep 17, 1:34 PM
johnb43 added a subscriber: johnb43.EditedSat, Sep 24, 9:06 AM

getUnitFreefallInfo takes a local argument, not a remote one, even though setUnitFreeFallInfo has a global effect.
If there is a bug, you have to check by switching locality on a unit (which can be only done with an AI) - like this:

  1. Spawn AI local to player1.
  2. Use setUnitFreefallHeight on AI.
  3. Switch AI's locality to player2's computer (with setOwner or setGroupOwner).
  4. Use getUnitFreefallInfo on AI now and see what it returns.

No it doesn't broadcast and by global effect this means that the unit will not get into free fall animation globally not that getUnitFreefall will return the same value globally. In fact the getUnitFreefall has local argument meaning executing it on remote machine is not going to work.

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