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Extremely high disk usage on Crossplay servers
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I have noticed since starting to play again last night, if you are on a Crossplay server on PC for an extended period of time, after a while your disk usage shoots through the roof.

The RAM stays at about 2.6 to 3 gigs, but my disk usage was over 26.5 m/s and my game crashed since all of a sudden my textures couldn't load. Prior to this happening I started to have stuttering lag, this has happened as well in DayZ before when textures in cities loaded incorrectly or not at all.

My game after this crashed, as I was adjusting settings to attempt to lower the demand on my computer to see if that would help.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Play for an extended period of time on a ArmA Reforger crossplay server.

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falcon91 created this task.Aug 21 2022, 1:21 AM
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I have also confirmed this with at least 6 other players that this is happening.

mbamg added a subscriber: mbamg.EditedAug 22 2022, 1:18 AM

I've found in general that my disk reads increase with added assets and decreases with removed assets on GM servers.

It's unclear whether the disk usage causes the client crash or whether the crash caused by the server. Not all crashes on client are correlated to high disk usage.

Sometimes when playing on a GM server in Reforger, my entire system temporarily hangs due to the high disk usage, sometimes the 98%-100% CPU usage causes it, other times neither corroborate the hang.

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Cthulhu.616 added a subscriber: Cthulhu.616.EditedOct 23 2022, 12:00 PM

After 9.6 release, i realised, that models and textures seem to stream in delayed for like half a second. This happens especially in crowded areas (main bases in conflict e.g.) or cities. Never checked, r/w of my ssd, but going to check it next time i experience this problem.

Can test this by turning around the character in crowded areas.

Edit: Didn‘t have this problem in previous version

falcon91 added a subscriber: Geez.Oct 24 2022, 7:40 PM

@Geez the issue that Cthulhu is having is one I'm having as well, I'm on an HDD.

@Geez even with updated drivers and etc... this and the textures disappearing are still happening, these are now happening at the same time. When this happens I get a CTD after about 15 min, you see a noticeable degradation of performance on the server to the point where it is under 30 FPS even on medium settings. When this CTD happens there is no error reporter for me to send a crash report into as well, so if you can direct me to where the crash dumps will be I'll provide you with the two from the last two days.

Changing this to always, because as of the last update this happens every single game whether my drivers are updated or not. You have a high disk usage issue and a memory issue as well it seems.

falcon91 changed Reproducibility from Sometimes to Always.Dec 27 2022, 8:31 AM

This is still occurring, when high diskusage and activity is happening on the server crashes are happening quite often.

This is still happening @Geez along with now high CPU

@Geez I've noticed this is still happening, but it's not as bad. The game has a memory leak since it builds up and starts to bog down, I'm not sure if this is also caused by high disk/CPU as well.