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Game Master Progress Not saving
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Unfortunately, the progress in Game Master does not save/does not load, i.e You load to an empty map upon continuing. I do not know if you know about this problem, but I have also seen some people talking about it today in the Discord Reforger feedback channel.

I hope you can get to the bottom of this, since it is essentially the only thing preventing me from fully enjoying the game.

Sincerely, Mike.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Quit to the menu from Game Master while playing locally
  2. Try to continue your progress
Additional Information

It seems like a widespread bug, so hopefully you are aware of it.

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JCK2131 added a subscriber: JCK2131.Aug 2 2022, 2:59 PM

I have it too, thank god Im not the only one with it.
I also think that the problem lies in the game not loading it properly, since there is a .json file, probably the save file, in the Documents folder after you save, but well, Im not sure.

Geez changed the task status from New to Awaiting internal Testing.Aug 3 2022, 10:23 AM
Gramps added a subscriber: Gramps.Aug 10 2022, 7:12 PM

This also happens on Conflict servers.
1 - Start a conflict game
2 - cap a point
3 - restart server after 120 sec to make sure progress is saved in the save folder with a json file.
4 - re-join server to see that the map has been reset.
5 - save file gets overwritten with a new game save instead of loading the previously saved game.

I think the problem lies in the loading of a save game, not the saving itself.
Maybe even something on the backend which would be great if that could be fixed without an update to the game.
This can happen with no mods enabled.

I was really hoping it would've been fixed like some guy said it would be in the discord, but alas, here we are.
Motivation to play is at an all time low with this bug.

Geez closed this task as Resolved.Aug 12 2022, 10:24 AM
Geez claimed this task.
Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello MikeJohnson3412.
This issue has been fixed internally and the fix will appear in one of the upcoming updates.

Gramps added a comment.EditedAug 12 2022, 8:09 PM

Will this also be fixed in conflict mode? Or do I need to make a new ticket for this issue?

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