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Plastic explosives sometimes don't do ANY damage to gates/walls
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I've found this bug where in some cases plastic explosives don't do any damage to gates/walls:

>> VIDEO 1 <<

>> VIDEO 2 <<

This bug makes them pretty useless to raid bases, especially in combination with this other still existing bug (


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Windows 10

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Hello Jordi435.
Does this server run BuildAnywhere mod? We have been testing this extensively and while we were not able to produce this on the vanilla server, when disabling basebuilding limits we have produced this as the fence gets clipped into the wall partially.

No, it's a vanilla community server (Dusk) that doesn't require you to load any mods. It only has a few small tweaks like a little bit more stamina and some old (pre 0.60) SKS/Mosin skins but those should already be in the original Dayz files.
Maybe this bug has something to do with the gate slightly clipping through the metal door behind it which you can't see. My guess is that the game thinks the gate is behind the metal door but visually it's (obviously) not.

Jordi435 added a comment.EditedJul 21 2022, 10:11 PM

So, I've found another base on the same server in a different building and it happened again:

>>VIDEO 3<<

When I tried the to destroy the gate in the hallway on the other side of the building it worked fine:

>>VIDEO 4<<

It looks to me that there's something going on when the gate/wall is placed in or right next to a doorway.


I've also made a screenshot from the other side of the gate when I entered the base to show how it's positioned :

And again: Same server, a different base but again a gate in a doorway:

>>VIDEO 5<<

Placing the plastic explosive a little bit different the second time:

>>VIDEO 6<<

All these 'tests' have been tested on the same server. Note that this vanilla server doesn't have ANY mods, so also no BuildAnywhere: