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Radio Module Setup Changes
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After the 1.2 update called arty shots using the radio support module drop almost instantly. This happens with custom entries within the description.ext for the module (see below). Before the update the provided code worked fine. I've used the information here to set up my custom missions -

Has a timing been added? Does the wiki need to be updated?

Thank you, kick ass DLC!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

class vn_artillery_settings

// Add your NUMBER variable that will be used as a cost variable - leave empty if you don't want the cost to matter.
cost_variable = "";
// Array - { Always available, `radio_backpacks`, `radio_vehicles`, `player_types`, "vn_artillery" unit trait}
// Make the first true for the radio to be always avaliable
availability[] = {0, 1, 0, 0, 0};

// Distance from the edge of a blacklisted marker that a artillery/aircraft cannot be called in.
danger_distance = 150;

unit_trait_required = 0;
radio_backpacks[] = {"vn_b_pack_lw_06"};
radio_vehicles[] = {};
player_types[] = {};

class artillery
        class he
                displayname = $STR_VN_ARTILLERY_ARTILLERY_HE_HE_NAME;
                class baker_3
                        displayname = $STR_VN_ARTILLERY_ARTILLERY_HE_BAKER_3_NAME;
                        icon = "vn\ui_f_vietnam\data\decals\vn_callsign_src_l176_ca.paa";
                        description = 4x M1 105mm High-Explosive rounds fired from an M-101 105mm howitzer battery;
                        ammo[] = {"vn_shell_105mm_m1_he_ammo","vn_shell_105mm_m1_he_ammo","vn_shell_105mm_m1_he_ammo","vn_shell_105mm_m1_he_ammo"};
                        allow_double = 0;
                        cooldown = (240*2);
                        divergence = 50;
                        count = 1;
                        cost = 0;
                class easy_3 :baker_3
                        displayname = $STR_VN_ARTILLERY_ARTILLERY_HE_EASY_3_NAME;
                        icon = "vn\ui_f_vietnam\data\decals\vn_callsign_src_hmm362_ca.paa";
                        description = 8x M49A2 60mm High-Explosive rounds fired from an M2 60mm mortar battery;
                        ammo[] = {"vn_shell_60mm_m49a2_he_ammo","vn_shell_60mm_m49a2_he_ammo","vn_shell_60mm_m49a2_he_ammo","vn_shell_60mm_m49a2_he_ammo","vn_shell_60mm_m49a2_he_ammo","vn_shell_60mm_m49a2_he_ammo","vn_shell_60mm_m49a2_he_ammo","vn_shell_60mm_m49a2_he_ammo"};
                        allow_double = 0;
                        cooldown = (120*2);
                        divergence = 50;
                        count = 1;
                        cost = 0;


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What's your module editor setup?

The time to arrive is based on the distance from the module and target position, it was not changed in this update. However we've added delay_max root config parameter which defines maximum time for the support to arrive, it's set to 90 seconds by default:

class vn_artillery_settings
      //... new params below

      // Maximum delay for the support to arrive, regardless of the time calculated from distance to support module.
      delay_max = 90;
      // Determines if the support planes/helicopters will be set to captive.
      captive = 1;


I've updated the wiki article with new parameters.

Nivek added a comment.Jul 14 2022, 1:08 AM

The radio module is well outside my mission area. As you can see in the video, the rounds drop before the dialogue is finished. The code in the description.ext is the code from above, and it's worked just fine until yesterday. Opening a new mission and putting down a radio module and not customizing the description.ext in any way, of course, works perfectly.

I just can't understand why the above code doesn't work any longer. Thanks for helping!

When delay_max attribute is missing from the main config it defaults to 0, thus instant fire support. Add it with default value of 90 and it should work fine. I will try to fix it for our next update, sorry for the inconvenience.

Yep, that did the trick! Thank you!!

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