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Arma 3 Zeus - Units disappearing from Zeus entity spawner
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Only tested in single-player, have not played multiplayer before

Date last tested - July 1st, 2022

Units are disappearing from the Zeus entity spawner in single-player scenarios when loading up an existing save in any scenario (the menu in the zeus interface that lets you add units, vehicles, markers, modules etc), I first noticed this with mods because when I loaded back into a scenario I had noticed that the numerous variety of spawnable units that I had when I last played in the Zeus menu had all vanished and I was left with a select few. Just to clarify, I did test this bug out by switching sections of mods on and off and trying it without any mod but one, this issue still occurred so the mods are not breaking Zeus with bugged scripts.

I then decided to test this bug out by starting a new scenario, saving in the scenario, and loading up that save and to my annoyance it persisted, most of my units were gone from the entity spawner again .


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce

First of all: Make sure you load up an empty map for the best experience, I experience it with every single scenario including some that come with premade missions but I recommend you try it without and without an empty map)

  1. Make sure you have a scenario where allow unofficial addons is enabled for Zeus, is singleplayer, and has a forced Zeus interface for the player when they start
  1. Load up the scenario, please adhere to the above
  1. Open up the Zeus interface and look at the list of units you have
  1. Make a save, you can do this at any point once the scenario is loaded up, when is not critical
  1. Load up the save you just made
  1. Open up the zeus interface and most of your units will be gone
Additional Information

I am not using Windows 10 x64, I am using Windows 11 x64 but there is no option in the dropdown for windows 11.