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AHAT & Marksman - RUS translation
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«Asst. Heavy AT» - in original
But rus translation misses "Heavy" part - «Помощник ПТ стрелка», one gets the impression that he is an assistant an ordinary AT rifleman, not a heavy
Heavy = Тяжёлый = Тяж.

keyNowChange To
str_a3_cfgvehicles_o_soldier_ahat_f0Помощник ПТ стрелкаПомощник стрелка тяж. ПТ

↓↓And "Marksman"↓↓
He is translated into Russian as «Снайпер» - Sniper in English. But it would be more correct to call him the «Пехотный снайпер» see WIKI padge. Experienced players seeing a role called "Sniper" expect to see a big gun but end they get small gun, because it's Marksman, not a Sniper

keyNowChange To
str_b_soldier_m_f0СнайперПехотный снайпер

@falagor please, take a look at this and make changes from tables


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Will be fixed, thank you.

Arma 3 v2.10 just released, seems fix was not pushed for this update. So it is intended?

It was changed but probably not packed into the release. We will do our best to release the change in the future. Thanks for your patience.