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Saving Loadouts via Arsenal interaction does not save content of Jackets and Pants
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Saving Loadouts via Arsenal interaction does not save content of Jackets and Pants.
Loading these loadouts on next spawn will leave your jacket and pants empty.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Start GM mode
activate a faction
create a spawn point for the faction
put down the arsenal crate for that faction
spawn in as a character of that faction
grab anything from the arsenal and put it in your pants and/or jacket
die (e.g. by lightning striking your character or with an HE grenade)
go through the respawn menu and select your saved loadout
spawn in
check content of pants and jacket

Additional Information

This is especially infuriating because there's a difference between how pre-configured loadouts are stored (prefabs aka weird non-json files) vs how arsenal-saved loadouts are stored (difficult to read json) with the first one working flawlessly and the latter being broken.

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This means players will lose their default map, compass, radio and bandage upon respawn.

A workaround is to place a duplicate set within a backpack, but this is unviable for those carrying platoon radios. They would have to leave extra space in their harness, which severely limits the ammunition they can carry.