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Arma Reforger M14 Scope eye alignment (3d Scope mode)
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Black crescent obstructs the top 20% of scope when aiming with the M14 in 3d scope mode. This makes it very difficult to aim and observe.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Method 1: Remove scope and replace scope. Then aim using the scope. Black crescent will take up the top 10-20% of the scope.

Method 2: Remove scope. Change zero of rifle. Replace scope. Black crescent will take up the top 30-40% of the scope.

Additional Information

Requested outcome: either remove this effect entirely or limit it to when moving or when looking around.

Additionally when you remove the scope the iron sight alignment is incorrect until you change the rifles zero. After doing this it will change the alignment to work with iron sights but not with scopes. It seems you can not change the alignment back after replacing scope resulting in large portion of the scope being unsuable.

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changed how to reproduce the issue as the previous way was incorrect.

Thank you, will be fixed soon

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