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Quarry Armoury not able to be built
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Quarry armoury is blocked from being built by something on the terrain or the walls around it.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Capture Quarry and try to build an armoury.

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It's the AI soldiers, you either have to build the Armory fast before they spawn, or kill them.

Running them over in a vehicle should not lower your rank (unless this was changed recently).

@Andrew_Bones that makes absolutely 0 sense since the AI don't even spawn in the armoury build area.

Mamith added a subscriber: Mamith.EditedJun 16 2022, 4:13 AM

Can confirm in this instance it is the AI soldiers, they don't need to be "in" the build zone, only close enough to it that it blocks it. The same is true for players. you will notice the Russian soldier on the road on the left side of the submitted image. That is close enough that they will be "in the way" when trying to build the armory

falcon91 added a subscriber: Geez.Jun 18 2022, 8:37 AM

@Geez looks like you have your answer from @Mamith shouldn't be hard to adjust the spawns by a few feet.

I think that not relevant after update

Added: Free Roam Building feature

You can close this ticket as completed

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