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Lost all my stuff i had on me for 62 hours due to game tryong to reneder in cause they havent got a server for australians
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So you fkn idiots decide to sell this game in our country australia and hide the server ping so we cant complain or file a lawsuit. But you dont fucks dont know, other apllications show what the pings are at in the servers. So if you dumb cunts dont give me all the stuff i grinded for and held onto for more than 62 cause your fkn retarded game decides it cant cope with a PS4 and makes me freese and move every 2 secs trying to load the buildings, I'm coming at you with every gaming lawyer i can get my hands on. Im so fkn pissed off right now. Thanks Dayz for fkn me over. If i died a normal deatg due to my fault fair enough, but this is your fkn games fault. Waste 62 hours of my fkn lifeeeeee cunnnntttttsssss


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

Head to a populated town or a big town, game freezing uo trying to load everything fkn in

Additional Information

I want my 2 snipers back and with my scopes. I want my submachine gun and pistol back with my fkn silemcers attached. I want everything i played hard and worked hard to get in the game back cause this is Day Z's game rendering in fault for PS4 ffs

Operating System Playstation4 you muppets.

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We don't support running Arma 3 on Playstation.
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