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Dayz Home Screen & Server Browser Suggestions
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On the home screen it shows a list of characters you have played. I play regularly on 2 different servers. One is a community 1st person (A), and one is a community 3rd person (B). Whenever I am playing say A, and then I switch to B, my character from server A drops off the list of characters shown on the home screen, leaving a bunch of older characters I don't play anymore. I wish the home screen would keep the X most recently used characters instead of whatever algorithm it is using now. Or give me the ability to remove older characters myself.

In order to go find server A again I have to use the server browser. I have server A on my favorites list, but the server browser insists on loading every single community server (which can take minutes) before it starts showing the names on the favorite servers.

Suggestions: show the favorites right away and query them first to get their names shown so I can quickly pick them rather than wait minutes every time I switch between servers A and B.


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Gremmie created this task.Jun 5 2022, 5:42 PM

Hello Gremmie, I think the menu has arrows towards both sides, but if that's not enough for you what I tend to do is change the character's name in each server, for example I play in one official server 3pp and one official server in 1st person, so my character's name in one is just Paranaoialp and the other is ParanoialLP3PP to identify in which server each character play, I hope it helps.

Gremmie added a comment.EditedJun 6 2022, 3:52 PM

Hi ParanoiaLP. Yes I am aware of the little arrows to scroll through the characters. The problem is that after playing on server A then I switch to server B, my character for server A is no longer in the rotation of characters that appear in the scrolling list. I am suggesting that BI change it so that the least recently used character falls off the list instead of the most recent character.

mrdarn added a subscriber: mrdarn.Jun 7 2022, 11:44 AM

Sorry, this isn't an answer to your main question, but i hope it helps a little.
Hope you get some response for your main issue too.

I see you say you have the servers saved in your favorites list.
Are you using the Favourites tab to retrieve them? or the community tab?

In the favourites tab, the list should populate in seconds, whereas the community list will be minutes.

If this list isn't populating for you, Click the little refresh icon in the top right:

I find using the character screen to flip between servers very tedious, as it keeps the currently loaded mods.
If the servers have even a single mod different, the game entry will fail.
Perhaps the game screen is useful if you are playing completely Vanilla servers, or 2 servers with the exact same mods, but usually closing back to the launcher and refreshing the favourites is a much easier way.

Gremmie added a comment.EditedJun 9 2022, 12:58 AM

@mrdarn !!! You have just vastly improved the quality of my life! :)

I've been playing DayZ standalone since launch but I must have missed these changes to the launcher! I've always just hit the "play" button without even looking at the "Servers" tab there. Thank you!

Yes I still think I have some valid suggestions but this will help immensely with getting into the game after changing servers. Thanks!

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