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Ammo disappears when unloading from gun or mag.
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This is since v1.18.

Anytime you're unloading ammo from a gun or magazine, if the the game needs to create a bullet "icon" (i'm not sure what to call it, but the bullet icons in your inventory that can have a certain quantity of bullets to them before another icon needed).

For example, if you have a 9mm bullet icon in your inventory, and lets say a quantity of 10, you can empty a mag until it reaches 25 which is the max for the 9mm bullet icon. Then normally it'd need to create a new icon and keep going. However now you just lose any additional bullets from the magazine.

And if you don't have any icon of the bullet you're unloading from a magazine, you lose all of them.

The same happens if you're unloaded straight from a gun, or from magazines.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Step 1: Have a gun or magazine.
Step 2: Make sure you don't have any of that bullet in your inventory, or only full quantity groups of the bullet, so that a new icon would be created next.
Step 3: Unload bullets and they will disappear completely.

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Jordi435 added a subscriber: Geez.

This bug really should be fixed before the stable build launches (june 14th). I lost several 40mm grenades because there's no way you can stack them so they will disappear when you unload. @Geez Do we have your attention? :)

Yeah this is a major issue currently, Hopefully it will be fixed before it launches

Duplicate ticket. also supposed to be fixed already according to this mornings notes.