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Workshop is too slow and will only get slower as user base increases
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There are times the workshop is fast but far too often it slows to a crawl and makes downloading content nearly impossible.

While BI want Reforger to open up modding on console, I highly suggest that they reverse course on having their own workshop and go back to the tried-and-true option offered by Steam. Steam gives near unlimited bandwidth for workshop items.

Case in point, downloading a 650MB terrain went quickly on the Reforger Workshop but then hung at 90%. Afterwords, downloading a 65MB mod, timed out at about 20% (after taking about 5 min to get there) and is still stuck there.

Others are reporting that the workshop goes from usable to unusable.

While it would be nice if console players were equals at the table I feel the better option is a console only workshop option and leave Steam workshop to PC which is no doubt the majority of the player base. While the BI workshop can be there as an option for console it won't drag down PC players and in the meantime can be refined as the console population grows rather than stifle the entire population.

Consider that once the game goes mainstream and especially ARMA 4 and possibly a DayZ 2 release in the future, the workshop will become an Achilles heel for the game. Furthermore, it will only deplete resources in the form of bandwidth costs for Bohemia while also reducing the user experience for PC and console players alike.

Considering that many mods for ARMA 3 and DayZ alone are in the 1-6+ GB range going with a homegrown solution will only compromise quality of service and increase costs to Bohemia.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
21H2 (19044.1706)
Steps To Reproduce

Try downloading a few mods form the Reforger workshop of decent size. For example the Stratis island mod and then a few other mods. It will eventually crawl. Happens pretty much every time I've used it.

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