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Optics viewpoint in vehicle turret mounted weapons is clunky and distracting
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When in the gunner position of a vehicle with rooftop mounter MG, the optics (sights) behave strangely.
The camera viewpoint jumps between discrete points when the weapon rotates, rather than being fixed to the weapon. As the viewpoint is very close to the back sights, the effect is clunky and distracting.

camera viewpoint should be effectively fixed to the weapon, similar to hand held weapon optics.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get in HMMWV with roof mounted MG as gunner.
  2. switch to optics.
  3. pan weapon around (move mouse). Notice clunky camera effect.

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ceeeb created this task.May 22 2022, 4:02 PM
mbamg added a subscriber: mbamg.EditedAug 12 2022, 3:00 PM

Can we get a response for this issue? This has been around since launch and prevents proper and consistent aiming with pintle-mounted weapons.

I've found that switching in and out of optics view in a M2 HMMMV actually shifts the player avatar left or right such that they are clipped into the roof of the HMMMV. In third-person perspective I can see that the avatar ends up leaning left or right to compensate for this shift, moving the viewpoint even further and disorienting the player in first-person perspective.

+1 Not sure if this has to do with the character, but the effect of the sights spazzing around when aiming a mounted weapon is definately a big annoyance

Punky added a subscriber: Punky.Aug 14 2022, 7:30 PM