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Eden Editor for Reforger/A4/Enfusion
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This was the pinnacle of your franchise, the best thing you guys have ever made and it was so user friendly. I was able to use this without any prior experience.

The new world editor yes its amazing for creating terrains but for non coders/professionals, mission making will become a daunting task, thus putting people off who used the editor to chill and have fun making crazy things.

For example


how is anyone going to know what to do here? You cannot assume everyone has the same knowledge base as developers :(

Nice, clean and self explanatory and user friendly to a lot more of your audience.

This is a plea from the bottom of our hearts, please return this beauty of an editor. Even if there is a way of having BOTH? Surely you guys can figure out something :)
I would pay for this editor alone.


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This made dreams come true, don't take them away bohemia :(

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me all happy using eden :) -

quick, easy, fun. Not having to read a 236 page guide -

[Kudos for him making it but come on, is this really user friendly]

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There is no confirmation on whether or not they aren't going to be adding the editor so not sure why you are requesting it. It's a very complex part of the game that more than likely isn't ready yet, hence it being missing at the moment.

The editor in the mod tools is a stand in I'm sure and not the actual intended editor such as A3s. Just wait, they know how important the editor is.

well, i think the current system as a whole kind of sucks. making a mission is kind of a major task now, and getting it running on a remote server is .. I dunno I can't seem to get it done. and having to upload a mission to BI server is frankly a bad idea what if the server is down, there goes mission night, not to mention the congestion. you get 1000s of junk missions uploaded to BI servers from players just testing stuff out. I've uploaded 3 trash missions myself just trying to figure out how to get my remote rented server to run them. i am well behind the Reforger project, I've bought 3 copies for myself and my friends. i just feel that it has left out a key aspect to Arma as far as MIssion makers and server admins go. we need to be able to make missions and get them to our players and on our servers without 3rd party servers getting in the mix. its hard enough to keep track of whats going on with the server , I don't want to have to worry about BIs server getting in the mix.