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Fishing with the fishing rod, unoccassionally during a successful catch, pulls out nothing and still has the bait with the worm unconsumed and undamaged attached to the rod, as if nothing did happen
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It occurs uncommonly, but commonly enough to sometimes notice it.

There are 2 variants for this ''error'' action.

1st: You fish, you get the successful animation, character does the all good animation of pulling off something off the hook, yet the hook remains the same one you attached (bone for example), with the same worm, completely undamaged. No item retrieved during the fishing attempt.
(That's the very common type of this uncommon issue.)

2nd option: You fish, successful animation, character pulls off something off the hook, hook and worm remain, BUT CHARACTER IS NOW STUCK ON THE SPOT, so moving makes you basically be glued to the spot, you cannot switch items, cannot switch anything.
(the less common but just as feasable option of this uncommon issue.)

Sometimes you can JUMP on the spot to unstuck, but that's 3/10 times, mostly you'll need to relog.


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Windows 10 x64
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I've discovered the reason for this bug.

Yet again, Desync.

This occurs on this condition: If you fish on a tide waters where it retreats the moment you successfully pull out a fish, and technically it is temporarily ''unfishable'' / uninteractable from waters, since at the moment there is no water there, it retreated back due to the tide retreating.
The game decides to softlock the character, requiring to jump and reset the catch, aka time wasted and hook not spent with bait still remaining.

Fishing in 100% reliable waters that will still be in the correct distance you tossed the hook into, will not result in the desync, since the game upon pulling out the catch, will detect proper water and not just ground.

So main issue is the retreating waters, or fishing on the close waters on a river / sea. (while the prompt to fish appears, it may be deceiving and unreliable).
You always must aim the fishing throw of the rod, deeper into the waters, if you go too shallow, this bug occurs.

Can be reliably reproduced in a retreating tide / shallow waters.
Most reliable time to reproduce is during sunset, and sunrise, as the tide changes and temporarily allows the fishing prompt for a few seconds as it comes close, using that specific prompt and not aiming for deep waters, will cause the desync bug. wasted attempt wasted time.