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[3DEN] - Script Error When Placing Repair depot (Green)
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I use the profiling branch, in version 2.08.149255, when I place a Repair depot (Green) down in the editor it shows this script error, it appears regardless of map, and only shows once per game launch. Unsure if it actually effects anything.



Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to editor
  2. Place Repair depot (Green)
  3. Notice script error

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Actually occurs with all repair depots and taru pods.

I assume you are getting it in vanilla? Could you retest on dev branch?

BIS_fnc_KK changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Fri, May 13, 10:20 AM

Yes, the script error happened in vanilla. I haven't been able to test on the dev branch.

Not helpful as it could have been fixed already and the only way to know for sure is test on dev

dedmen changed the task status from Need More Info to Feedback.Tue, May 17, 11:23 AM
dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.

This was most likely already fixed on dev branch weeks ago.

dedmen set Ref Ticket to AIII-55091.Tue, May 17, 1:06 PM