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Ladders are bugged right now
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There is at least one ladder and I think Its going to be all the ladders there are in Dayz but I only "tested" one of them so I can't tell for sure, but when you Climb a Ladder in 1.17 where the character gets off to the side at the top of it, you have to stop at the last step and get off manualy otherwise if you hold w and you reach the top the character falls down to the bottom of the ladder without any way of preventing it. Last patch the character would get off the ladder automatically when you reached the top of the Ladder so I have to think this a bug. Does not happen on the ladders wich can only be exited automatically. The ladder where I know for sure it happens is in Cherno industrial on the tower which is connected to the other tower with no way to get on it. It is reproducible as me and my friend both suffered from this.


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Hello Hannes222.
Can you please send us a screenshot on which object have you encountered the problematic ladder?

This is the bugged one

This one is Fine

If I take one more step up I fall down and end up on red health but with no broken leg which seems odd at this kind of height

This is the general area right below Cherno tents

I wonder why I should ever create bugreports if all that happens is me being ghosted (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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This bug still isnt fixed its been two patches and it very defenetly happens on every ladder ingame

I just tested the exact ladder that you showed in your screenshot. I climbed it like 10 times and I did fall 1 time, the character basically just stepped off of the ladder and immediately fell back down the hole. The majority of the time it works fine but you will occasionally be able to reproduce this issue...Defintely needs to be fixed

The building here (grabbed form the dayz editor) is :

    "Type": "Land_CementWorks_RotFurnace",
    "DisplayName": "Land_CementWorks_RotFurnace",
    "Position": [
    "Orientation": [
    "Scale": 1.0,
    "Flags": 2147483647


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Careful with livonia KolGaz ladder near Nadbor. Sometimes the character doesn't make a step to the side to leave the ladder and land on the ground, but just goes back down and falls, death from the fall as a result

It brings tears to my eyes that finally someone acknowledges this bug and maybe something will be done about it soon. An example of this bug in action can also be seen in this video by TheRunningManZ at minute 21:36

I'm surprised you only fell 1 out of 10 times I climbed it once in this patch and fell instantly I would get a clip of me climbing it but Im not at the base rn(we have the same exact base that we had in april) maybe it is better but it also happened to me once this patch that I fell down even though I pressed f at the top of the ladder so that might need to be looked into.

Regards a fellow Survivor who still loves this game and would love it even more if bugs like this one could get fixed.