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Game always crashes at random times. STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION dialog popup appears after crash.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

The game has crashed while in the main menu, while in mission editor, and while playing. The longest I have been able to play is around 10 minutes before the game crashes.

Additional Information

I have 32GB RAM. GeForce RTX 2080. Over 100GB of free space on SSD. The game has not always crashed. It's been about a year since I have played. It started crashing recently when I started playing again. Nothing with the computer has changed. The game crashes both with and without mods installed.

  • updated video drivers
  • uninstalled/reinstalled the game
  • added "-malloc=system" in launch settings
  • tried all launch settings in parameters tab
  • nothing running in background
  • disabled AV and firewall
  • changed PC power settings
  • verified integrity of game files in Steam
  • uninstalled/reinstalled BattlEye
  • uninstalled/reinstalled DirectX
  • monitored CPU and RAM temps (all normal)
  • tried running in x32{F2673375}
  • etc.

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tried running in x32

But I see no dumps from that.
I don't know whats going on here, its always crashing in some graphics rendering code.
And all the crashes don't make sense, it says something was 0 while according to the data inside the crashdumps it was not.
I can't see anything actionable in here, and I also don't have.... well..
You could try passing -cpuCount=1 start parameter?

Thanks for the feedback. I just ran the game for about 10 minutes after adding the "-cpuCount=1" start parameter. I also dialed down the graphics a bit to see if that help. It did not crash during that time. I will try to run it for a longer period of time later today. If it crashes then I may try 32 bit again. I'll post updates. Thank you.

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So far I have had no crashes! I played the game for over an hour last night. I even walked away and left it running for a while to see if it would crash. No problems! I'm leaving the "-cpuCount=1" start parameter. I'm guessing that is helping. FYI, I'm still running the game in 64 bit.

You could also try Arma's profiling branch, it gets early bugfixes maybe there is something fixed in there that caused crashes for you.
But I still have no idea what was causing your crashes so maybe probably won't help.

Thanks for the info. I'll give it a shot. The recent changes I made are still helping.