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position is changing of items and stacks in inventory by removal from single items
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This Behavior is really annoying in fast looting scenarios because it seems that the interface is working against the player. ;)

Because of this not predictable behavior of the inventory i took Major as Severity.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • start VR
  • create OPFOR Soldier with Katiba (player)
  • create Ifrit
  • start scenario and open inventory of ifrit
  • select your inventory and put random different items in vest (for example many smoke grenades but in random order) to create different stacks of items
  • then put the stacks back into the ifrit by right clicking on the stacks in your inventory (put back single items)

-> position/sort of items/stacks in your inventory change (pseudo?)random by right clicking

Additional Information

Vanilla Arma 1.08

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That also annoys me every time ahh.

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Fixed next week dev-branch/profiling