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Throttle control problem on all VTOL aircraft in multiplayer servers
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all VTOL aircraft have this problem
Automatically adjust the throttle to 100% and convert the thrust vector to 90° when they touches the ground,if the player is not the squad leader
AI teammates don't cause this bug, it only occurs in squads with at least two players


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

This bug requires at least two players to trigger, let's call them P1 and P2
1.Go to any multiplayer server where you can find VTOL aircraft “U” to open the squad menu and create a new squad with P1 as leader and P2 as team members
3.let player P2 enter the VTOL plane as a pilot, take off and land manually,P1 (team leader) does not need to enter the vehicle

  1. When the aircraft touches the ground and has no horizontal speed (≤5km/h)

(In extremely rare cases, you need to manually adjust the thrust vector to 90° before landing, otherwise the bug will not be triggered)

5.Now you can see that thrust vectoring is instantly converted to 90° and full thrust, which will cause the aircraft to suddenly increase in altitude again

6.create a new squad, let P2 (pilot) be the captain, repeat operations 1-5, the bug will not appear again

Additional Information

The bug has been successfully reproduced in several official and unofficial servers
This bug often causes the VTOL aircraft to suddenly rise in altitude and damage the landing gear
please fix it

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My English is not good so I use translation software

  1. Must be two real human players, one player and one AI will not cause this bug
  2. No matter how the bug happened, the pilot can always solve this problem by pressing "U" to create a new squad and become the leader
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Thank you for reporting the issue.
This is a known issue, however due to the current phase of Live Ops development in Arma 3 we cant make any promises for when this will get fixed.