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Using the FCS rangefinder on a vehicle turret clears the FCS zero of other turrets on the vehicle
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When a vehicle has multiple turrets equipped with an FCS, using the FCS rangefinder zeroing on one turret clears the FCS rangefinder zeroing of any other turrets, returning them to the default zero for their weapon. This makes it difficult for e.g. a gunner and commander to work together, because if the commander is trying to rangefind or engage another target, they disrupt the gunner's aim.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

2 players are required to reproduce this.

Place a vehicle with multiple FCS-equipped turrets, such as the Rhino or Slammer UP. Also place 2 playable units.
Play the mission in MP and get your second player in with you.
Have one player get in each of the turrets with an FCS, for example the Rhino gunner and commander.
Have one player (P1) use their FCS rangefinder ("Lase target") to set a range. Note that the gun is zeroed appropriately.
Now have the other player (P2) use their FCS rangefinder to set a range. Note that P2's gun is now zeroed, but P1's gun resets to the default zero.

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