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[BUG] AI cargo only replaces dead driver once [if not in the same group]
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The engine has a feature to replace a dead driver after a short while.
However if the cargo is not in the same group, this only works once.

Workaround: Reapply addVehicle - despite already the assignedVehicle, this does the trick.

Demo video:

VehicleRole for the just killed driver returns empty []. So it should not block the position.

Reveal doesnt help either.

(leader cargoGroup) reveal [(driver truck),4]
cargoGroup reveal [(driver truck),4]

Where driver is dead .p3d body: 2522a12f940# 17: b_soldier_01.p3d
cargoGroup is passengers group name.
No visible change - they're just sitting.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Run VR mission from Eden
Notice dead driver gets replaced only once

Execute "cargoGroup addVehicle truck;" to make the whole group take the driver position if the previous is dead.

Additional Information

The init.sqf also has the "addVehicle " workaround code to be enabled
As well as moveInAny alternative, and joining the groups

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