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AI can no longer be ordered via numpad
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In Arma 3, I had commanded AI units via the numpad. E.g. I opened the "Move menu" with Numpad 1, and then selected with Numpad 1, for example, that the units should get back into formation. Or another example: I press numpad 8, the formation menu opens, and with the corresponding numpad key I select the formation. None of this works anymore: The action menu opens and I can also jump into the submenus, but the commands just mentioned will not be carried out. Strangely enough, however, some commands already work, such as specifying a target for the units, saluting or sitting down.

I completely reinstalled Arma 3, moved the Appdata folder and the Arma 3 profile folders to start over. I haven't loaded any mods.

The normal keys 1-0, on the other hand, work perfectly when opening the action menu and command, although they are not entered in the settings.

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Windows 10 x64
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AI Control / Commanding
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Sample video with keyboard settings

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To the devs:
Doing this seems like a good solution to me:
Use the shortcuts[] property to show the keybinds next to commanding menu items, but also add the assigned keys from shortcutsAction to this array.
E.g. in RscMenuMove we have:

shortcuts[] = {2};  
shortcutsAction = "CommandingMenu1";

if the user is using Numpad1 for "CommandingMenu1", you just add it next to the shortcuts[] array before creating the menu (in this example, shortcuts[] = {2, 79}; should be used before creating the menu).
I have tested this with custom commanding menus and it works perfectly fine.

Here's a copy paste example:

test_menu = [
  ["testing", true],
  ["TestItem 1 (1/Num1)", [2, 79], "", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"],
  ["TestItem 2 (2/Num2)", [3, 80], "", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"]
showCommandingMenu "#USER:test_menu"