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Inconsistent Command Priority on armed LSVs
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Both the Prowler and Qilin LSVs currently set the driver as the primary controlling unit when fully crewed. This is not consistent with other armed vehicles in the game, and even takes away players' ability to give vehicle-level (versus group-level) movement commands or switch seats when AI are in the driver's seat under certain conditons.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 x64 20H2 Arma 3 vers. 2.06.148221 (Stable)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn an armed LSV with crew as normal in Editor.

2.Note that driver is default player character, despite other vehicles switching to gunner or commander

  1. Enter gameplay and order subordinates out of vehicle, getting out with them.
  1. Upon mounting back into vehicle in any position other that driver, AI in driver position will take vehicle command, preventing player from switching seats, giving vehicle-level (orange) movement or firing orders.
Additional Information

Issue persists until AI is ordered out of vehicle again, and player enters driver position before AI.

Recommend making gunner position new command position, as consistent with MRAPs

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Riettler created this task.Sat, Nov 13, 4:07 PM

I've noticed that behaviour too, but never clued into the difference in player position before.
I'd always assumed it was bad mod interaction. Great insight!

Further to this, the unarmed LSVs should receive the same "fix" that the armed variants do, since they have roof FFV positions. As a player, that's a key position I'd want to issue move commands from. I assume this can only be accomplished if the vehicle's config is updated such that these roof FFV positions have a default crew member set up as the commander. Currently, when you place unarmed LSVs in the editor they only have a crew of one - the driver - just like the unarmed MRAPS.

...I guess what I'm saying to the devs is: don't overlook the unarmed LSVs because they are already configured like their MRAP counterparts. They should get extra attention.