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Character will not heal from Infected Wounds Despite Healing
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Despite taking Tetra (at least 10, one at a time) and playing for an hour+ on each character I had 2 of my last 3 characters become permanently afflicted with the new Infected Wounds illness.

This makes managing hunger/water levels annoying, and despite taking every single type of medicine (I know Tetra is supposed to heal) my character still grunts every ~15 seconds. It annoyed me so bad on my first character I committed Suicide, and I will likely end up doing that again with my 3rd and current character. It makes me not want to play the game at all because the grunting is so immersion breaking and annoying (not to mention tactically you are screwed in PVP).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a cut
  2. Heal w/Bandages (they say "disinfected", but apparently are not?)
  3. Observe Illness Bacteria icon appear
  4. Begin taking Tetra to heal
  5. Notice Tetra isn't healing despite making Med runs for hours and going through 3-4 packs.

It might have become permanent because both times whilst in the middle of taking Tetra I was booted from the game (some error message saying unreliable internet connection) where I was booted just for a moment and then rejoined.

Additional Information

I have played Day Z since 2012 when it was the Mod, again when the standalone released, and on console. I am an experienced player, but took a break around 1.12 (May 2021?) and hopped back on only to have this infected wounds fiasco. It makes the came unplayable, and this might be my goodbye for good.

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mrdarn added a subscriber: mrdarn.Nov 13 2021, 7:05 AM

Some confirmations:

  • Server?
  • Mods Loaded?
  • Server Version/Game Version?
  • Cut source?
  • Bandage or rag?
  • Salt? (Refering to te "goodbye for good" remark... grow up...)

Some kind of video showing you being healthy then getting cut, then healing, etc may help, as sometimes the mechanics are not understood fully

Server: not near computer at moment, but this is official Vanilla.

Mods: none, it’s vanilla

Version: tb updated? It should be current.

Cut source: hit by infected, and breaking apart bush. No bloody hands or anything, and food/water cores good in the white but not maxed (as these issues occurred early on with new characters).

Bandage: I specifically said bandage, not rags. I used bandages only that said disinfected in pristine condition with no damage to the items that would alter the condition and lose disinfected effect:

Salt: absolutely salt. Day Z has so much potential as a game, it is very rewarding but has a history of small glitches getting characters killed, which is why over the years friends of mine routinely fail to get into the game. Common example: needing to re-log to eat, bandage, reload, etc causing your character to die if taking a gunshot or protecting your health cores from diminishing which you can then get instant sick if cold.

Video? Not a chance. I’m not going to spend hours of my time documenting this issue and screen capturing it, I’ve posted to the community so that if anyone else has experienced this they can pipe up to make devs aware.

Mrdarn I would hope instead of posting condescending comments like “grow up” you could be empathetic and take reports seriously and stick to the information gathering to be helpful to the community.

The information gathering was exactly what I was trying to do.

I've tried recreating what you're saying, and it's not happening to me. Was this the experimental version of the game or the current release?

I'll try again with the extra information provided. The "this might be my goodbye for good." doesn't help the process any more than me pointing it out. Maybe take your own advice and take the reporting process seriously too.

If there is anything else you can think of that may be the difference between recreating this and not, please let me know.

Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Nov 15 2021, 12:30 PM
Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello Fatherheftysack.
Are you taking multiple tetracyccline tabs by any chance? Have you tried taking just one and waiting for the effect of the first one to disappear?

etwas added a subscriber: etwas.Nov 16 2021, 5:33 AM

u simply don't have wound infection - u used disinfected bandages.
u catched salmonella, which give the grunting sound too now. since 1.13?
so tetra won't do shit there, but charcoal.
however: any sickness: its best cure is a maxed out immune system.


MDarn - adding info:

  • Server: DayZ US 3664284 (Public) Hosted by Multiplay (which is official)
  • Game Version: 1.14.154258
  • I left my comment on "gone for good" truly because it shows how fed up I am with little things like this ruining a game that has so much potential, and I hoped it would be taken into consideration with my other comments on the fact that I have played this game since 2012 when it started as a Mod. It shows valence and can help devs prioritize issues to focus on, even if to some it comes off as whiny. That is the issue with reading text, the reader will apply whatever voice they feel is appropriate. (Source: I work in UX and regularly compile and report on qualitative data and prioritize features for roadmaps.)

Geez - I have done both, but I know that effects do not stack and pills should be taken 1 at a time, which is what I did to troubleshoot initially. Later when desperate I tried downing an entire pack of 12 Tetra after hitting up the new Krasnostav medical tents.

Etwas - appreciate the feedback. I have also used charcoal (and I believe most medical items), one at a time, and taken several. It still persists. 100% agree maxed out hunger/thirst meters are the best way for curing / preventing status effects like this. In the 1st case I got the infection early on before I had ever maxed my cores, and in the second case I was rushing to recover my dead body and never fully maxed cores either, but I kept things mostly in the white / upper portions.

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