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Audio is broken
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I recently changed my external sound card from a Presonus 1818VSL audio interface to a smaller version the 44VSL, when im in gameplay Helis and planes sound like if they were right in my face and they can actually be 100 meters away, when i shoot my gun sounds like if it was behind a wall but the impact of my bullets or any other gun shot sounds bloody loud, there is no stereo separation everything is in mono and with bad eq, makes it impossible to play on KOTH servers for instance, audio is really important in this game.

How can i fix it? i tried everything that i could think of but nothing has worked yet.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

1.-Launch Arma
2.-Select a server
3.-Play the game with bad audio quality

Additional Information

I deleted previous drivers from my audio interface and installed new ones for the new sound card, works great on everything else except the game.

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there is no stereo separation everything is in mono and with bad eq,

Please attach your RPT, I think your audio output might just be mono, thats logged in the RPT. here is a guide on how to find the RPT