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Favorites tab periodic wipe?
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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this, and knows how to find where they are stored/backed up, or a solution.

Every so often my Favorites tab just gets wiped and I end up with this:

I can't corrilate it to any single event, I've looked for

  • Windows updates
  • Virus scans
  • Game Updates

and a few other random events on my PC that may cause this.
I've even turned off the steam Cloud to make sure it's not loading up a backup from online:

Does anyone know why this is happening?
All my other settings are preserved when this happens, it seems to be just my Favorites tab that's affected.

Can anyone tell me where favorites are saved so I can create and restore a backup locally if this happens again?

Some of the servers I favorite are hard to show in the launcher sometimes, and ar really hard to re-favorite.

(PS: For info, ctrl+enter posts the form for you. I'm used to shift+enter for new lines on other platforms and fat fingered ctrl, so it posted early. Sorry for the updated post.)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce

This seems random, I can't pin it down to a particular event.

I simply close DayZ on a nighttime, restart my PC, start my PC the next morning and start DayZ.

Once every few weeks, the favorites list is empty

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Hello Darnie. Unfortunately I have no idea why your favorites are getting wiped, although I know that they are saved in the following file together with server history.

...\Steam\userdata\[your steam ID]\7\remote\serverbrowser_hist.vdf

From time to time I want to clean my server history, so I edit that file and works. I hope it is of help.

Thank you, that helps me at least save a copy to restore if it goes wrong again.

Now if I can just work out why they delete in the first place...

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A little more info, as it's happened again today.

Started PC, entered password, and as soon as steam showed in my taskbar, I clicked it and chose DayZ.

Favorites were gone again, message as before to click the star to save some servers.

Navigated straight to that file, (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[MyIDHere]\7\remote\serverbrowser_hist.vdf) and all the entries are there, but they will not show on my favorites tab despite multiple refreshes, and navigating away and back to the tab.
So the file is not deleted/replaced.

The only difference between my current favorites file, and the one I backed up last time is the "appid" for my 8th favorite has changed from "0" to "221100" and my history has updated.

When I search in the community tab for my usual favorites, most appear quickly, but are not "starred" as before.

Now, if I close DayZ, log off steam, log back on steam and open DayZ, they appear again. (maybe because I opened the file? I'll try it without opening the file if it happens again)
When I search in community, they are back to being starred.

To be clear, I did not re-favorite them this time, I just closed dayz and steam and reopened them. The favorites were back.