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F4s air-to-air locking capability seems wrong [UPDATE BETA]
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Using the Prairie Fire air-to-air missiles, like the Sidewinder and Sparrow, in the Phantom is still very awkward/difficult.

Upon using the switch target, or lock/reveal target button, nothing will happen. I believe that it is something to do with the Phantom itself, as equipping these missiles on the pylons on aircraft such as the buzzard, neutralises this issue.

EDIT: On an unrelated note, the angle of attack always seems to display 0 unless pulling high Gs, I believe that this may be displaying incorrectly.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Spawn a Phantom with air to air missiles. (CAP)
Switch on your radar, and with an enemy in the radar scope, hit the switch target button.

On a vanilla Arma aircraft, such as the black wasp, you will see a locking triangle appear over the enemy aircraft, and the missile will then be locked.

On the prairie fire phantom, nothing will happen. Sometimes you can use the lock/reveal target button (T by default), but this requires you to have your aim directly on the target, and also doesn't work a lot of the time, and both should be functional.

Additional Information

All the fixes so far for the phantom have been incredible, making this already legendary representation of the aircraft better. This is the only nit-pick I could find, incredible work by the team here!

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Thank you for your feedback! It will now be reviewed by a specialist in our internal QA system.

Further info on this. This seems to be a bug with engine itself. The gunner needs a weapon that has the same targeting/locking capabilities as the pilots weapon otherwise Tab Lock ( R key default) will not work for the player or AI. This issue has been highlighted by the SOGPF phantom but it's not the root cause of the issue. However the gunner does not seem to suffer the same issue as the pilot does. The gunner can have all air to air weapons assigned and pilot all air to ground weapons and Tab Lock will function properly for the pilot, however if this is reversed the pilot can not achieve lock using Tab Lock. Further info/videos and examples can be provided if need be.

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