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[1.14 EXPERIMENTAL] Zmiovka from Infected says Pristine but won't allow user to wear it
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Apologies for the dark pictures. The event was early morning in-game, and was unavoidable.
After killing this Infected:

The Zmiovka he was wearing

would not allow me to wear it, despite it's condidion being pristine, and my "Head" slot being empty.

A Video of the event in case this wasn't clearly explained:

I believe this was reported for 1.13 too, but I cannot find the ticket to append this to.

I've put "Reproducability" to "Sometimes" as I can't be sure this is always, but I think it is with this particular Infected/Headgear combo..


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Find the Infected type above wearing the Zmiovka (This one spawned in Mogilevka)
  • Kill it being sure to not hit the head
  • Check the hat is not "Ruined"
  • Remove your headgear (to be sure it's not a "swap to dead entity" issue which is a seperate issue)
  • Drag the zmiovka to your Head slot

The hat will not attach to your character

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mrdarn created this task.Sep 5 2021, 2:51 PM
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Still an issue in 1.14 experimental as seen in TRMZ's stream twice. One of the clips: