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Footstep Volume (Version 1.13.154025)
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So, I included a clip from Twitch about how the footsteps where only audible at the very end when this person ran up.
Though this is a modded map, the same applies to a lot of surfaces of the Vanilla maps.

I would like to see if there could be a tweak in increasing the volume of the steps, or rather, hear them from a bit more range.
I will try to include some more examples if I see them, or maybe others would like to show some.

I know there has been alot of work already on the sound part (much appreciated), so I am curious if there is a possibility for some tweaks.


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LordJaws created this task.Aug 30 2021, 7:18 PM
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Footsteps are fine where it's at. I watched the clip and heard the guy running @0:10s he had enough time to turn around and block.

I also want to mention he came up from behind you, the footsteps would be less heard because of that. I heard him once you looked left which your left ear was facing at the player at that exact moment.

mrdarn added a subscriber: mrdarn.Aug 30 2021, 11:20 PM
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Hello! On Namalsk today I was killed by a player and I wasn't able to hear any approaching footsteps (which I normally do in a situation like this). I was told about this ticket so I just wanted to share a clip in case it helps. This was on the ZERO Namalsk Server.

hope it helps!

PS I got him back ;)

@AmishZed I don't see the issue lol. You're inside, hes outside, footsteps shouldn't be heard clearly through the wall of the house.
Also to mention you couldn't really hear it cause your footsteps are loud and the waves clashing in the background.
The guy could've been crouch walking/running upto the house.