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Some Gabreta buildings have inappropriate destroyed models
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Some buildings on Gabreta, when destroyed, turn into small piles of rubble with no apparent connection to the size, shape, or even exact position of the original building. This is very immersion-breaking, and can have gameplay impacts as well when the rubble pile is not in the same place as the building.


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Windows 10 x64
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It's hard to get an exact list of building names without CSLA civilian buildings being placeable in the Editor. Rather than checking through every building in-game you can probably more easily just check through all the model files.

Additional Information

More intermediate damaged states and better damage models would be cool too

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It's hard to get an exact list of building names

Look at building, in debug console:
modelInfo cursorObject

I am aware of that. However, I would still have to hunt down and test every building on the map, in-place, which I don't have time for.

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Thank you for your report, it'll be now reviewed by our member.

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