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simulation changes on AI groups on server by dynamic simulation also influences simulation on client
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Under certain circumstances simulation changes on server on groups which have dynamic simulation enabled also changes simulation on client, which was not the case until recently (when this changed is unknown).

Normally when a AI unit was disabled by dynamic simulation on server side there was no change of simulation on client side (simulationEnabled kept unchanged), the only effect on unit on client side was that it for examkple would walk on same place.

However this issue only occurs under certain circumstances and is not always reproduceable, which indicates that its indeed a bug and not a intended behaviour change.

One situation it seems always reproduceable is with newly created groups, a reliable way to reproduce it is added below.

Changing triggerSimulationEnabled status on server side might also trigger a change of simulationEnabled on client side sometimes, but thats not fore sure at this time.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

This is only reproduceable with a dedicated server.

spawn new group and unit on dedicated server side far away enough from player position, so that newly created AI group simulation can not be triggered by player

_group = createGroup CIVILIAN; _group createUnit ["C_Man_1",[1000,1000,0],[],0,"NONE"]; _group enableDynamicSimulation true;

On client side simulationEnabled will switch to false as it will on server side, while previously simulationEnabled on client side would be unchanged.

Additional Information

Reproduced with current stable Arma version 2.04.147719

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Ron4Swat created this task.Jul 25 2021, 1:06 AM
dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Aug 2 2021, 12:33 PM

Simulation state of units should always be synced.
If server disables it, it should be disabled on all clients too.

So what you are reporting as a bug (If I understand you right) is actually the intended behaviour.

Ron4Swat added a comment.EditedAug 2 2021, 7:21 PM

If that is the intended behaviour then there is a different bug, which is that it does not always work and i will try to create a simple test case to reproduce it.

Was this issue fixed more recently? Because this was not the way dynamic simulation worked on client side (see example Ticket T150211 which i reported some time ago) and i haven't seen anything in the changelogs that would indicate that there was something changed intentionally.

Also, if that is the intended behaviour now, should simulationEnabled state on client side only change if dynamic simulation is also enabled on client side?

See for example T158485, there is was suggested to check if dynamic simulation is enabled for a group to detect if simulationEnabled was likely changed by dynamic simulation. With current behaviour this does not work on client side, as dynamicsimulationEnabled for the group in my original example was not changed on client side.

Or should dynamicSimulationEnabled also change automatically on client side if its activated on server side? From how i understand the wiki entry about Arma3 dynamic simulation this should not be the case.