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Kicked from server continuously as never before
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Since July 15th, two days after 1.13 update, I started getting kicked (kick message 0x00040008) from the server I have been playing the past two years. The kicks varied from each 5 minutes sometimes, to each hour or so other times, but the thing is that I have never had this issue before. The server in question has a ping limit of 120 and sometimes the kick message showed that I have had more than 400 ms. Other times only kicked me for 122 ms. It's been happening since said day till today. More than a week ago.

That server is highly populated, so I have to get in the queue sometimes, which makes it unplayable if I get kick all the time. That's why I switched to other server from the same owner that is less populated but the same issue. I think I have about 600 hours in the last two years which probably 95 % of them are in those servers, never had any issue before.

Some additional information:

  • Started playing 1.13 the day that came out (13th)
  • Verified DayZ files the day 15th in the morning, and then started happening that day, could be coincidence though
  • The ping limit in that server has been set to 120 since more than a year that I am aware of
  • More people in those servers' Discord have written about the same problem as I am describing
  • More people in TheCommunityZ server Discord have written about the same issue
  • I am about 500 km far to the server

The two servers that has happened to me are:     

  1. Spaggies Vanilla Chernarus Low Ping - Hosted by Jack (120 ping limit)
  2. Spaggies Namalsk Hardcore - hosted by Jack (200 ping limit, still getting kick sometimes with 400 ms)

I am going to change to other server now and see how it goes.

If it keeps happening, could you please look into it in case you changed something that could relate to the connections? could be that maybe BattleEye changed something that is making some player to have lag spikes?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Hello Kathosky.
Have you checked your internet connection to be sure you are not getting latency spikes?