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DayZ Gunplay Feedback and recent attachment changes
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So with 1.13 brought a few interesting changes to weapon attachments, although I feel like most people will agree that the dayz gunplay atm is still so arcadey and weird. These guns (even with the worst recoil reducing attachments) are still very very VERY easy to control, it kind of removes any "hardcore" elements from gunplay especially now that the game has been out for so long and people can pretty much master the gunplay within a few hours of shooting. I think the devs should revisit gunplay as a whole, and further iterate these attachment changes. For example I think all the ARs should receive 30/40% MORE base recoil so that they aren't total laser beams, as well as reduced ADS speed and then allow attachments to effect things like recoil and ADS speed after that. But the recoil atm is just far too low, especially if you have these recoil attachments equipped, the guns hardly move at all. Compare that to other hardcore games out there like squad, tarkov, hell let loose, and you can really see what i mean. Sway for scoped weapons should be reduced overall too and I think the stamina system needs tweaked too. Gunplay should be much more hardcore and skill based in dayz and I really hope the devs are willing to take a look into changing things up. Its been a hot topic on the karmakrew streams recently as one of our dayz server is running thr hardcore "Sgunplay" mod, which really just highlights how lacklustre the vanilla gunplay experience is....


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Here is a clip of m1ndr using the new gunplay mod, look how a guy with 9000 hours in the game is struggling to control this new modded recoil. This is how the game should have been from the beginning, difficult and skillful. ATM any noob with an m4 can spray it accurately at 200m out

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That mod just shows how overly simplified DayZ gun handling really is... ignoring the huge recoil, but that mod has much more organic feeling gun handling.

I disagree on your argument, hard to aim doesnt necessarily equal to realistic, full auto M4 effective range is 200-300 m in real life and if you single fire its up to 500-600 m, the vanilla M4 recoil is way more realistic than the clip you linked

I also disagree, I have both an Ak and an Ar in real life and they are quite easy to control, of course the handguard and buttstock interfere, but the game representation is as realistic as possible.

Weapons don't indefinitely recoil upwards in real life and pulling the mouse down in a straight line doesn't take much mechanical skill in terms of computer gaming.
9000 hours in a game doesn't reflect the players ability to learn or adapt to new mechanics.

SGunplay makes the gunplay very smooth and gives it a polished look and feel, which is much nicer and does in look more like games which strive for realistic simulation such as red orchestra.

9000 hours in the game is mainly reflected by positioning, tatics and decisions not gun control anyway, you could argue that SGunplay makes the game harder and there is a point to argue about a harder experience, but you cant say that it makes it a more realistic simulation, not at all, the clip posted its far from realistic, using an AR aiming at a target 50 m away in real life doesnt take that long nor its that difficult to control the gun while single firing.

I think the game should be made harder by the decisions you have to take to survive and not by basic mechanics of the game, If you should need 9000 hours to master a mechanic to a game imo that mechanic is just frustrating and takes away from the experience.

That said I agree that game could be more realistic If they had certain amount of horizontal recoil and keep the rest as it is, and you would have a fairly realistic experience without it just being frustrating