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Gunshot audible ranges feedback
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Hey, this is some feedback about the gunshot audible ranges in dayz atm.

(edit: after doing some more research I believe that in game RIGHT NOW, the pistols are 800m, SMGs/shotguns are 1.4km, ARs are 2.5km and snipers are 3.5km, i edited my suggested values to what I think it should now be changed to in game, in order to make gameplay more fun)

we discussed it a little bit today on M1NDRs stream...they were changed recently and ever since then dayz just hasn't felt quite the same, SMGs , pistols and shotguns particularly have a very VERY short audible range. Meaning someone could be having all out war just a few hundred meters from you and you wouldn't hear any of it. Doesn't belong in dayz at all like this, I think pretty much everything should be increased so that it can be heard at longer ranges, but the pistols, shotguns and SMGs should be increased by a decent amount, here is how I think these values should look... pistols : 1.6km...SMGs: 1.8km...shotguns: 2.5km, Assault rifle / regular rifle: 3km... Sniper rifle: 3.7km...This would make the gameplay on bigger maps like chernarus feel much more interesting once again rather than it feeling quite dead and empty despite the fact that people can be fighting just down the road...


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Also audible range of explosions is not large enough (imho).


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