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1.13 uncon lengths feedback
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heyo, so in 1,13 the uncon system has been changed so that different calibres will leave you uncon for different amounts of time, pretty good idea imo, sounds like a fun mechanic....however, I saw a video of someone who was shot by an AK and he only goes uncon for 7 seconds, this is a veryyyyyyy very very short time, so short that it makes tying people up and taking hostages almost totally impossible, there is no way you have enough time to run over to the body, grab a rope and tie him up in 7 seconds. So this new change has basically made it impossible to take hostages which i think is a very bad move, being able to tie someone up and chose to spare their life, rob them, give them loot, torture them, whatever it may be....its such a fun mechanic of the game and is honestly somewhat iconic to dayz. I think these values should be changed quite drastically, maybe pistols could knock someone out for 15-20 seconds or so, ARs could be 30-40 and snipers could be 50-60 seconds or something, if that is too extreme thats fine, but it should atleast be way longer than 7 seconds. I think the team should take another look at this mechanic and rebalance it around the ability to knock someone out and have enough time to tie them up / take them hostage...thanks for reading, hope this feedback helps :)


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It could be interesting if the unconsciousness state lenght woul be also related to the the part of the body where the bullet hit. I mean, I've seen people get unconscious by way many minutes in real life just for losing a finger , I think a hit on a bullet proof helmet or a plate carrier should provoque the shortest unconsciousness periods, but being directly hit in the body (depending on which one) should make a player unconscious at least 30 seconds (considering the servers time speed set)