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Slingloading lag/desync causes rope breaks - SOG Prairie Fire/Mike Force fixed it already in their mission. Can we add that fix to the base game?
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While slingloading on a dedicated server it is often the case that the rope will bounce back and fourth due to lag/desync. This often causes breaks in the line when there really shouldn't have been and you lose your precious cargo. It sucks.

In Mike Force with the new DLC, they have implemented a fix for this by making whatever is currently being carried local to the pilot - fixing any desync issues so you can slingload properly!

Can you guys add this to the base game of Arma so we can enjoy the ability to slingload properly across the entire game and not just Mike Force?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Sling Loading
Steps To Reproduce
  • Go onto a dedicated server and slingload cargo
  • Begin to fly in a straight line
  • Watch the desync break the rope when it shouldn't

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Already done weeks ago for 2.06.
Already on profiling branch I think.