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Just some feedback for DayZ
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ello crew, I apologise if this isn't exactly what the feedback tracker is supposed to be used for but i really hope the DayZ dev team can take some time to give this a read / watch. Let me start off by simply linking this video by DanceOfJesus :
With a lot of players being given the opportunity to play the 0.62 legacy version recently, there has been a lot of talk about what things were better back in 0.62 compared to how they are now. I will say DayZ has come a very very long way, and its in such a good place right now but there are definitely still some things that 0.62 did better. These include : Slower character movements, higher recoil on pretty much all weapons, a better sway system, a better atmosphere to the game overall, a cleaner / more immersive user interface / HUD and a few other things. I really really hope you guys can give this video a watch and gather some feedback about how to improve some of these mechanics and bring them slightly closer to how the old game did them. In summary, increasing weapon recoil, possibly rebalancing / reworking the sway system, potentially slowing down character movements and changing up the ambient noises / lighting effects could REALLY really really transform the current DayZ in such a good way. Thanks for taking the time to read this regardless, I hope this feedback can help in some way and I strongly recommend you to watch the video I linked....anyway, I appreciate all the hard work. Good luck ;)


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At 13:50 in the video, that lack of gun raise is better than what we have now. I think the right way would be to make it that if you move closer to the wall (same distance and current limit), your character moves the gun back a bit, but you go too close and THEN it should raise your gun.

I like the overall camera/gun movement of 0.62, but it seems to me like there wasn't a breath hold back then?

There are some aspects in which .62 was better, and I hope some of them come back to a certain extent.

And the old sky... as much as I want it back, I feel like my RX580 would start screaming lol.

I'm on an RX 580 too man LOL, sumrak has already told us that the old sky wont be coming back, but i think the current one could be made a lotttttt better, and maybe they could have an option for "skybox graphics" maybe if you want more FPS you can turn that down, or if you want a really pretty sky you could turn it up etc etc, but i agree with everything else you mentioned for sure! ;)

Honestly ive been thinking about it a lot, even just adding back those bird sounds to the game would bring back some of that dayz atmosphere, you pretty much only hear them in forests now and theyre really quiet, everything else is just wind...defo would be a great addition i know a lot of people would be really happy about