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Mike Force Standalone Melee Weapons Missing from Base Game Arsenal.
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Make the standalone melee weapons, axe, shovel, bayonets, etc, usable by the base game.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Feature Request
Steps To Reproduce

Mike Force Melee Weapons

  • Play Mike Force
  • Call for Workshop Supplies from Supply Officer
  • Open Workshop Supplies & voila melee weapons for pistol slot

Editor Arsenal / Virtual Arsenal

  • Open Arsenal tab for pistol, no melee weapons

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Asaayu added a subscriber: Asaayu.May 9 2021, 7:19 PM

This is intended behavior, if you'd like the melee weapons to be available in the arsenal in your missions then add the following to your missions description.ext file
vn_arsenalShowMelee = 1;

NikkoJT added a subscriber: NikkoJT.May 9 2021, 7:43 PM

It may be intended behaviour but not showing them in the Editor arsenal seems kind of counterintuitive

Asaayu added a comment.EditedMay 9 2021, 8:13 PM

The implementation was made at the request of the publisher.
Although it may seen counterintuitive it is one of the compromises that had to be made to have them available for players and mission creators.

Maarten closed this task as Resolved.Jun 29 2021, 2:28 PM
Maarten claimed this task.