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Main menu UI overhaul
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Can the main menu UI overhaul be removed, made somehow disable-able in the settings, or made as a separate workshop mod?
This is specifically about the buttons, the colour change and splash-screen (I have it disabled) aren't as big of an issue, but go hand-in-hand I guess.


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Menu UI
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In my opinion it's not good looking, not user-friendly (compared to vanilla), doesn't add anything to the experience of this CDLC, and generally unintuitive. Some people might like it a lot unlike me - but the point isn't my personal preference, but customization and not being forced somebodies preference.

Furthermore this UI change disables/breaks certain features of other mods, which isn't your problem to fix per-say - but it would be an issue for people who want to play with this CDLC and their usual mods, but can't to do it due to this incompatibility.

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T00T created this task.May 6 2021, 9:36 PM
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I support this. It would be convenient to be able to make the UI less inconvenient.

I support this. Related issue, asking for documentation:

T00T added a comment.May 8 2021, 4:10 PM

Another suggestion from a nice man online I saw is to keep with the theme of the buttons, but not change their layout/positions. "like some paper that folds out when you go through the option"

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Thank you for your feedback! It will now be reviewed by a specialist in our internal QA system.